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Weapons (Zbrane) v Angličtine

In the Naruto series there are many tools a shinobi uses to aid him in combat. Here's a list of the many weapons being used in the Naruto anime/manga. The weapons are from common to rare, to just insane. Naruto keeps things intresting, the weapons are not just repitive ones. They are all extremely intresting with each its own special features.
them well they are stars which are thrown and hurt people. The big ones are for main attacking while the little ones are just for keeping people at bay or killing. Kind of a sub weapon which needs to be used and help dispose of the enemies. All ninjas have the small ones the big ones are used as main weapons. Such as the one the guy in the first episode used.
Knuckle busters with sharp blades
Sarutobi Asuma uses these. They are on a persons knuckles and can cut people up and are a good defense against defending a sword.
Some ninjas use short swords or special swords. Not much explanation needs to go into this one. Though most ninjas rely on jutsu and kunai knifes some use swords, such as Orochimaru and Gekkou Hayate use swords. They are a great offence and they are very damaging due to the fact that most battles are occurring in high paced combat it seems to be useless unless both opponents are either at the same speed or their about to attack a weaker more slower opponent.
Smoke bombs
Just your ordinary smoke bombs to conceal a ninja.
Kunai Knifes
A weapon of choice of most genins and a good weapon at that. It can be thrown like a shrunken but can also be used as a close hand to hand combat weapon. You can do pretty much anything with these baby’s.
Exploding tags
Usually go at the end of a kunai knife and blow up after a certain amount of time.
Medical and Poison needles
Thin needles which are used for medical purposes and ones that are used for killing. Only 2 people are known for using these types of weapons, Shizune and Haku.
For puppeteer ninjas these are preferred weapons. They need chakra to be used. They seem to evolve as well which Is either due to the fact that the individual upgrades them or some other mysterious way. Kankuro is the only known person to use them.
A destructive offensive fan which uses chakra of their user to create high force wind attacks. They can be used for people to get mobile or for defense. A good weapon but it drains a lot of chakra and needs a lot of strength to be used. Temari is the only known user of this type of weapon.
This holds water but Gaara uses it for mobile sand on the fly. It is a absolute defense and uses chakra to do other sorts of techniques. A well to do weapon to bad gaara can only use it.
Are used for many things such as summoning or medical purposes.
Staffs poles
Blunt weapons which are good for deflecting and defending. Only staff so far was the monkey kings Enma when he transformed into the pole for the Third.
Sonic Blasters
Built into the palms of the users hands to allow chakra to force out tremendous amounts of sound pressure on their users.
A genjutsu weapon which makes illusions of the enemy and puts them under high hysteria or hallucinations by hearing its sound. This is a weapon that was used in the fight when Shikamuru fought Kin.
Broad sword
Zabuzas weapon is much like clouds from Final Fantasy Sevens buster sword. A heavy weapon which is able to literally cut almost anything into 2. Though it has immense power it has a draw back that being its.
SameHade is the weapon that Hoshigaki Kisame uses, the name means "Shark Skin" Which is ironic as Kisame looks like a shark himself. The blade is not meant "Slice", it's meant to "Shave" people, as the what may be Fins are very sharp.
Sickle & Chain
The Sickle & Chain is a weapon that is worn by two people. The two are connected by a chain that can quite easily cut anything in 2. The chain can be detachted so the users may move father away from each other.
Warrior Pills
Warrior Pills are pills which enhance abilitys for a ninja. The pills the Akimichi Clan and Inuzuka clans use are specialized for just their type of fighting style. The akimichi use 3 different pills each one effects the user in different ways but each one causes immense stress on the body and can almost if not kill the user who took the pill. The Inuza clan use pills to enhance their smell or merge with their particular animal, such as dogs or wolfs.
Gamabunta's Daggers
Gamabunta has 2 daggers, they are quite strong, and are bigger than some of the tallest trees. We see the daggers used in the Sennin battle, and against Garra fully transformed.

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